• 4 hr - Oct 14, 2019

    Began the first build of the arm. Almost finished.
    Reviewed the Axes part of the D3D Manual. Needs some modifications and additions for the 3D Simple/Universal.
    FreeCad/OSE stuff

  • 70 hr - Oct 14, 2019

    Startup Camp; STEAM Camp

  • 4 hr - Oct 13, 2019

    Continued printing of the parts for the first arm
    Catching up with previous meetings 2/2
    Reading about STEAM stuff
    Continued on Freecad

  • 3 hr - Oct 13, 2019

    Tutorials and motor

  • 4 hr - Oct 12, 2019


  • 5 hr - Oct 11, 2019


  • 4 hr - Oct 11, 2019

    Converged on printer parameters and began printing parts for the first arm - all components have arrived! :)
    Catching up with previous meetings 1/2
    Reviewing stuff from STEAM wikipages

  • 6 hr - Oct 10, 2019


  • 1 hr - Oct 10, 2019

    stroke limiter

  • 8 hr - Oct 9, 2019


  • 2 hr - Oct 9, 2019

    Continued playing with KiCAD and started playing with ideas for 18640 cell holders.

  • 4 hr - Oct 9, 2019

    Spent some more time researching power requirements and control of welding equipment.
    [[http://www.yourarticlelibrary.com/welding/power-sources/characteristics-of-a-welding-power-source-metallurgy/96842|Characteristics of a welding power source]] has a good overview of basic requirements for a welding source. From the article:
    "A conventional arc welding power source is known as the constant current (CC) machine. It has the drooping volt-ampere characteristic curve and has been popular for use in shielded metal arc welding."
    "Apart from SMAW it is used for carbon arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, plasma arc welding and stud welding."
    "Steeply Drooping V-I characteristic:

    The welding power source with steeply drooping volt-ampere character­istic has a high open circuit voltage and low short-circuit current as shown by curve 1 in Fig. 4.6. It is evident that as the arc length changes between L – δ L and L + δ L, the change in current is very little.

    This type of volt-ampere characteristic is best suited for SMAW that is manual metal arc welding with coated electrodes because a slight change in arc length due to the intrinsic movement of the human hand during welding operation will not affect the melting rate of the electrode. Also, high open circuit voltage ensures easy initiation and maintenance of the welding arc."
    Also found another good resource text, Arc Welding Control, lots of detail, will take some time absorbing...

  • 3 hr - Oct 9, 2019

    Updated old cad of ceb press to reflect the 16.09 version in belize

  • 10 hr - Oct 8, 2019


  • 4 hr - Oct 8, 2019

    Internet searching for diy welding projects yeilded only a handful of diy projects, mostly for spot welders, most seem to be dedicated to spot welding thin aluminum bus bars to battery cells for the creation of battery packs.

    The article, [[https://simple-circuit.com/arduino-controlled-bridge-rectifier/|Controlled bridge rectifier with Arduino]] is potentially useful. The difference would be that per the Welder requirements a fully controlled bridge rectifier would be more appropriate as it would act as a current source. Note the use of thyristors (x4) for a fully controlled bridge rectifier. I found the reference, Power Electronics Handbook, in the article quite useful.

  • 1 hr - Oct 8, 2019

    Spent some time getting familiar with KiCAD

  • 4 hr - Oct 8, 2019

    Solved extruder problem with printer.
    Continued test printing the 3d parts.
    Learning to work with Freecad.

  • 4 hr - Oct 8, 2019

    Monday and Tuesday, documenting into Presentation Working doc to be embedded here

  • 8 hr - Oct 7, 2019


  • 62 hr - Oct 7, 2019

    D3D production engineering. Getting print cluster running, prep for production run. Finishing STEAM Camp team building phase.

  • 6 hr - Oct 5, 2019

    Saturday and Sunday work on Simple Extruder, Universal Toolhead Mount, Universal Axis replication, and some initial sketching of hacksaw design options.

    FreeCad Tutorials to implement first few changes to simple extruder, which I will have draft finished and tested by Thursday.

  • 6 hr - Oct 5, 2019

    email. uploaded simple extruder STL's. quick couple mount brainstorming.

  • 4 hr - Oct 5, 2019

    printed more parts, assembled one universal axis in Freecad

  • 1 hr - Oct 5, 2019

    Goal - prepare a video tutorial on how to make the 8mm universal axis in FreeCAD by modifying dimensions/orientation in a spreadsheet.

    Files for main parts:
    - [[File:Universal_axis_motor_side.fcstd]]
    - [[File:Universal_axis_carriage_side.fcstd]]
    - [[File:Universal_Axis_Idler_Side_short_version.fcstd]]

    Some references:
    - [[Universal_CNC_Axis#Universal_Axis_-_Working_Document]]
    - [[D3D_Part_Library#5.2F16.22_or_8_mm_Rod_Version]]
    - [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3xQtt5IZrw Universal Axis in YouTube]]
    - [[http://3dcontent.be/axis_8mm_rods/axis_8mm_rods.html Universal axis in browser]]
    - [[https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/15h4rSBorhgnTEDb5YvI7J7ZjUA-xS1olQm4jqWcIf2w/edit?usp=sharing Universal axis slides]]

  • 11 hr - Oct 4, 2019

    Motor CAD and webGL addon, scripts and tutorials.

  • 4 hr - Oct 4, 2019

    printed more parts, did some CAD

  • 2 hr - Oct 4, 2019

    emails, doc updates, kinematic coupling reading

  • 4 hr - Oct 3, 2019

    printed parts for one universal axis

  • 8.5 hr - Oct 3, 2019

    More coil holder printing and testing.
    Making jig to speed up coil cleaning.
    Working on the webgl tutorial.

  • 3 hr - Oct 3, 2019

    Testing print parameters, playing with freecad

  • 6 hr - Oct 2, 2019

    Coil winding tests.
    Looking into OS automated coil winders.

  • 2 hr - Oct 2, 2019

    Presented FreeCAD at Western University - Students designed a rough prototype of a brushless motor.

  • 1 hr - Oct 2, 2019

    Exploring and playing with the OSE D3D Manuals.

  • 2 hr - Oct 2, 2019

    9:00 started reading on [https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Daily_Log_of_Tasks, Daily_Log_of_Tasks]
    10:00 OK...there is a lot to read. I understand that I should:
    * log my daily efforts starting with the date in square brackets
    * right now I am confused on where to put content like this (what I am writing right now). Daily_Log should only include links to "work product" without content
    * struggeling with how to link to Anchors. I want to link to the Format paragraph in [https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Daily_Log_of_Tasks, Daily Log of Tasks], but https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Daily_Log_of_Tasks#Format does not work
    * oh well, it seems to work without brackets, but if I want a link-name it stops working <code>[https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Daily_Log_of_Tasks#Format, work product without content]</code>
    * hmm.... tried to put the above in plain text by adding
    <code><code>...</code></code> (does not work as expected as you can see, makes nested code blocks)
    * <code><nowiki><nowiki>...</nowiki></nowiki></code> does what I want
    * So I tried to link to a paragraph like this: <code><nowiki>[https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Daily_Log_of_Tasks#Format]</nowiki></code>...does not work
    * This: <code><nowiki>[[Daily_Log_of_Tasks#Format]]</nowiki></code> is shorter and works
    * so back to the original problem: According to [[Daily_Log_of_Tasks#Format]] my Log should only contain "work product without content". So where should I log my step by step progress if I'm not working on a product?
    * Inspired by [[Michel_Log]] I will keep it in my Log until I find a better place
    * Ahh...OK, just figured out that I can put it in here [https://osedev.org/, https://osedev.org/]

  • 5 hr - Oct 1, 2019

    Printing and cleaning up coil holders,
    testing different designs and settings.
    Studying several motor designs and controllers.

  • 12.5 hr - Sep 30, 2019

    dev node, vpn, lxc staging node, backups, wordpress

  • 11 hr - Sep 30, 2019

    -working on and organising the freecad drawings
    -making coil winding parts (testing different possibilities)
    -reworking the stator parts

  • 60 hr - Sep 30, 2019

    STEAM Camp recuirting, RFPs

  • 1 hr - Sep 30, 2019

    kinematic coupling research

  • 9.5 hr - Sep 29, 2019

    -more disk making tests
    -disk to shaft collar hot air soldering tests
    -researching open source automated coil winding
    -reworking, renaming, clarifying, preparing freecad files for uploading

  • 3 hr - Sep 28, 2019

    wiki edits, gdocs, emails, D3D PVC Mini CAD

  • 6.5 hr - Sep 28, 2019

    -rotor disks and motor assembly
    -organizing and naming the 3d files and motor info, complying with the ose taxonomy.
    -improving the explosion view addon.
    -tutorial preparation

  • 10 hr - Sep 28, 2019

    -simplifying rotor disk production
    -looking for the simplest way to combine the rotor parts.
    friction welding the the collar with the fan seemed promising but eventually
    not good enough.
    -collecting info for OS dynamometer

  • 1 hr - Sep 28, 2019

    wiki/ STEAM doc linking

  • 2 hr - Sep 27, 2019

    Parametric Universal Magnetic Wiring Quick Connect

  • 1 hr - Sep 27, 2019

    Great vid conference meeting with the team :)

  • 2 hr - Sep 27, 2019

    Reviewed select OSE videos

  • 8 hr - Sep 26, 2019

    Still working on a good way to make the rotor disk.
    The shaft collars are arrived and I'm adjusting the impellers.
    Doing some basic tests and looking into the assembly.

  • 2 hr - Sep 26, 2019

    review docs, D3D tool head mounting research

  • 9.5 hr - Sep 25, 2019

    Adjusting the dimensions based on the print findings.
    Adding some extra features.
    Experimenting with the production of the metal disks to achieve a maximum accuracy with basic means.